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 Chokichi (finished)

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PostSubject: Chokichi (finished)   Chokichi  (finished) Icon_minitimeFri Jul 30, 2010 8:03 am

[b]Name:[/b] Chokichi (meaning) Long-lasting good luck

[b]Age[/b] 10

[b]Gender:[/b] male

[b]Height:[/b] 5ft. 3 in.


Personality: He is a rather fun loving and outgoing person. He likes to laugh and has no regard for if he irritates someone doing it. He will sometimes try to push a person just to get them to crack so he can get a kick out of it. He can have a serious side but doesn’t show it much. He also doesn’t get said or mad easily, and loves to be around people. He talks to everyone, he will even try to old an conversation with an opponent. He will do so for two reasons: one to just talk, and two evaluate his opponent and give him self time to plain an attack.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Hair: dark brown, rather short with his vanes spiked
-Eyes: light brown
-Body: He has the body built of a rather small and linky person, with not much muscle features. His legs and arms a rather long and seem actually to long for his body, he also has a long neck and his adam’s apple shows very well.
-Clothes: He dress in tight blue jean with cargo pockets on them, and a sleeveless blue t-shirt. He wears a pair of dark sunshades, that fit snugly on his face not allowing any portion of his eyes to be seen. On his feet he wears a pair of leather boots.
-Other things: wears his forehead protector on his right bicep

[/b]STR = 40,000
SPD = 225,000
HTH = 85,000
CTR = 50,000

[b]Level/Rank:[/b] Academy Student

[b]Village:[/b] Suna,Sand

Fighting Style: During a battle he relies on speed more then strength or his chakra control. He is not a very strong person, but as a gift for being quiet fast for his rank.

He usually approaches battle quiet timed acting towards the begging, but not cause he is scared or shy. He likes to evaluate his opponent before barging into battle. He will avoid attacks by using his quick reflexes and swiftness. Once he has a good idea of his oppents battle scheme he will use is speed to try to close in for an attack.

[b]Jutsu list:[/b]

Basic Academy Jutsus
Rank: E
Description: Clone Jutsu, Replacement Jutsu, Rope Escape Jutsu, Transformation Jutsu

Leaf Whirlwind
Description: A taijutsu where one launches a succession of high kicks and low kicks. Firstly, the opponent's evasion margin is restrained upon seeing the high kick, thus augmenting the chances for the low kick to hit the mark. So originally the high kick is little more than a feint.

Before joining the academy: He came from a normal family, his mother a house wife and father a chef at a small restraint in Suna. He has a younger brother who is suppose to take after his father. He himself was to inherit his fathers business but told his dad it was coward’s work. After having a fight with his father his father gave in and let him join the ninja academy. Because of his actions his family views him as an black sheep of the family, and he does not clam his family last name.
After joining the academy: He is not the best ninja in no way, shape, or form. He is one of the weaker ninjas in the academy and picked on for his small amount of strength. His family still views him as a disappointment and his father thinks he will amount to nothing. He doesn’t care what people think of him. He claims that one day he will prove them all wrong and become a jounin, others dream of becoming the kazekage but he wants to settle with just serving his village in anyway he can.

Sample Post: The sun was blazing hot as usually in the desert dust trap known as Suna. Chokichi watched the dry wind blow through the village as it picked up dust tossing it around in which ever way it pleased. “Stupid sand”, he mumbled as he watched “why do you let the wind show you up like that, fight back” he then sighed as he closed in on his fathers restraint. He knew his father would have some smart comment for him waiting in the dreaded place. He walked through the doors and took a seat at a table waiting to be served. He saw out the corner of his eye his brother approaching and put on a big smile. His brother was so easy to pick with and always got ticked off fast. “What is it today Chokichi?” his brother demanded. Chokichi laughed as he said, “That’s no way to speak to a costumer, a tone like that could lose you business.” He could see his brother get agitated already. “Look her, you low life punk stop acting like you’re a costumer here.” his brother snarled. “You call me a low life when you are a waitress. That a woman’s job dum dum,” he babbled on, “ plus this places food sucks. Who would eat here? I’m taking my money else where.” He quickly left for the door as he could hear his brother cursing him like a dog. When he got outside he laughed a bit “I swear the only plus side about that family is they get mad so easy.” he stated. He then started to whistle as he continued to walk around the village.
[font=Arial Black][color=darkred]Word count around:270
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Chokichi (finished)
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