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Naruto The Ninja Life V2.0

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Sanosuke Tiuchi

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PostSubject: Tiuchi   Tiuchi Icon_minitimeMon Feb 09, 2009 7:47 pm

This clan was created by Syrix Tiuchi and is short said a weak clan, but, there have been some strong fighters from this clan. The two most talented is Sanosuke and his sister Joni (and his mother)

Clan techniques and Bloodline: Theres actually no one that has been able to unlock the true power of Tiuchi and his bloodline. the closest anyone has come was Sano's elder sister that almost managed to unlock it power that creates water wawes with out the user even thinking of it (like gaara but with water) But without her no one has even come close. There arent many Tiuchi techniques, there is the water ball technique(that i have writtend about in "create a jutsu") and the Water Flow technique that makes water flow out from the air and make huge wawes of water hitting the enemy(Jounin Jutsu).
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