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 Sunafu (chakara absorbing jutsu)

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PostSubject: Sunafu (chakara absorbing jutsu)   Sunafu (chakara absorbing jutsu) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 01, 2008 9:02 am

Jutsu Name: Sunafu (chakara absorbing jutsu)
Rank: - (like all the other sand techniques)
Type: Sand
Range: mid range
Elemental type:
How this fits your Character: uses sand jutsu
Description: The user encloses the opponent in a ball of sand and sucks the chakara out of them and into the users body. It can also be used for defensive purposes: when the sand comes to protect the user it can suck the chakara out of the attack if it is ninjutsu. It can also wrap around a limb and suck.
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Sunafu (chakara absorbing jutsu)
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