Naruto The Ninja Life V2.0
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Naruto The Ninja Life V2.0

From the Creator of Dragonball Life (Under Construction)
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PostSubject: Questions   Questions Icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2008 12:19 am

1. How long ago did Gennou set the paper bombs in the leaf village and for what purpose?
2. Where were the main paper bombs?
3. What does the Kendouin clan do that is so special?
4. Who gave Kakashi his sharingan eye and how?
5. Who contains the two tailed cat?
6. Which statue does the akatsuki summon and for what purpose?
7. What sealing method seals off the nine tailed foxes chakara when it gets to much for Naruto?
8. What does Doton no Jutsu allow a ninja to do?
9. Who developed Asakujaku?
10. How did Minato Uzumaki get the nickname “Konaha’s Yellow Flash?
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