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Naruto The Ninja Life V2.0

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PostSubject: Winiterija   Winiterija Icon_minitimeSun Oct 26, 2008 11:01 am

Jutsu Name: Winiterija
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Long 0-100m
Elemental type: Wind/Earth
How this fits your Character: uses it as a combination of cutting flowers or grass and then blowing them into the air with this jutsu.
Description: I focus earth chakara into the center of either flowers or grass then I cut them out of the ground with my swords and use about 1/6 of tyhe chakara in my body and I produce an enormous amout of wind out of my mouth blowing the grass or flowers into the air. I then release the earth inside of the objects and it produces about 10 spikes per object out the sides. The bunch of spiky flowers or grass fly in from every direction producing small cuts on the opponents body. Dosen't have to have complete wind control to produce the wind just chakara.
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