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 Supreme Kaguya

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PostSubject: Supreme Kaguya   Supreme Kaguya Icon_minitimeWed Sep 17, 2008 1:35 pm

Name: Supreme Kaguya

Age: 13

Gender: male

Height: 4'7"


Personality:Supreme would do anything for his friends but it is hard to become friends with him


-Hair:Just like sasuke's hair
-Eyes: black
-Head: normal.
-Body:short, kinda muscular looking, but overall slim.
-Clothes: Black version of sasuke's clothes

Chakra Control

STR =100,000
SPD =100,000
HTH = 100,000
CTR =100,000

Level/Rank: Academy Student

Village: Hidden leaf Village

Main/Favored Weapon: Katana

Side Arms: Poisoned senbon


Fighting Type: taijustu

Secondary Type: ninjutsu

Fighting Style:Sometimes really reckless, since he's easily angered. But he likes to toy around with her opponent first, before really beating them up before torturing them.

Background:he was raised by orochimaru when his father was training under him. when orochimaru died he just continued the training regimen that orochimaru gave him. but he got bored and eventually began to train in his own way. and then he left to the hidden leaf village.

Sample Post:
"means talking and' means thinking

Supreme was walking around and thought why not get something to eat. so he went to steal something from a villager and when he was caught he killed the weak villager. and he was thinking 'thats the 3rd villager this weak I had to kill! I am getting sloppy.' And he decided to train after eating. later in the news he found out he killed a rich businesses man and he decided to train so if they figured out that it was him he would be ready. later they found him. "hey kid! Stop right there! Your under arrest for murdering someone!" " but...ah I'll just kill you fools!" "what!!! You think you can kill me! Just try it!" "Okay! Supreme then rushes up to the foe and uses his poison senbon to stab him. "ahhhhh!!! You will be killed for tha..." and the guy falls down dead. "Ahhhh!!!" the rest say before running for their lives. "ahh who cares. I don't like killing in the first place. it is too boring too just kill because it is more fun to toy with them." Supreme then walks home to orochimaru's place.

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Supreme Kaguya
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