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 Terella Itiwaki

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PostSubject: Re: Terella Itiwaki   Terella Itiwaki Icon_minitimeWed Sep 10, 2008 8:26 am

Terella Itiwaki



4feet 6inches(is a shorty)

93 pounds

She is the silent type.Acts a little dark towards others.Tends to give dark looks and enjoys others misery.She mostly tries to ignore situations.

-Hair:Black with a little purple in it,hair goes down to her waist,her hair just goes straight down and the front of her hair is similar to sakura's exept only one side is like Sakura's.
-Eyes:Her Pupils's are slightly pink and have no features.
-Body:She is short and pretty skinny.
-Clothes:She wears a dark red short sleeve shirt,dark purple pants,bandages around her waist(smilar to Kabuto's exept they are straight across),bandages wrapped fomr her wrsit almost to her elbows on both arms.
-Other things:none

STR =80,000
SPD =120,000
HTH =80,000
CTR =120,000

Acadamy Student


Fighting style:trying to mess with someone using genjutsu then attacking head on.

Narakumi-no-jutsu(Demonic Illusion/Hell viewing Technique)

When Terella was 4 her clan was having a meeting.Somdebody cuased a fire and there was no wya for her to escape.Then her clan elder Tenku saved her sinc eshe was an heir to the clan.

Sample Post:
Terella would begin to do a few handsighns.After doing the handsighns she would they say in a dark but humored tone Kyoofu-no-jutsu then a black sphere forms around her(how the jutsu hits someone and starts to spread out 10 meters in every direction.if the sphere would hit the opponent then area around them would then change into a dark barren wasteland and suddenly her opponents greatest fear would then begin to form behind her and then she would send her enemies greatest fear at hthe opponent knowing it the is the thing he/she fears most and now might get her chance to attack.She then waits to see hwo the greatest fear would affect hher opponent.
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Terella Itiwaki
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