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 Winged Tengu

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Blaze Uchiha
Blaze Uchiha

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PostSubject: Winged Tengu   Winged Tengu Icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 7:53 pm

History:Blaze aquired it after he saved a tempel of wind and the villages were so greatfull that the gave him the power by sealing the beast in him.
Disantvantege:not too much chakra
Demon/whetever is sealed in you INFO:Winged Tengu is an ancient beast that was a fallen god of wind and uses his wings to create tornado's and hurricanes.

Winged Tengu Beast

Curse Appearance:

Winged Tengu Flame_Wolf_Tattoo_Design_by_WildSpiritWolf

Me as official Uchiha member

Winged Tengu 27d23

Me and my Brother on Taijutsu Training

Winged Tengu 71774723jx6

Me and a family member on a stealth mission

Winged Tengu Cf8618

Me before i became a hokage on a date. Razz

Winged Tengu 36e691
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Winged Tengu
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