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 destroy a village

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syrix kaguya

syrix kaguya

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PostSubject: destroy a village   destroy a village Icon_minitimeThu Jun 26, 2008 6:13 am

one unpeaceful day there was a village that was heavly gaurded and rich people the king of that small village was in the biggest tower but first i had to clear the ground night had fell and i went to the gate the gaurd asked me why i was there i stuck a 2 bones in the 2 gaurds i opended the gate i went in a house and killed 5 people who had all toghter 200 one man i kept
Man:what do you want business any thing
Me:i wanna know the best way to get in the kings palace
the man told me to go underground i went underground and the room was white as light it was a long way he was all the way down the red carpet he said i welcome you sir i ran all the way down the carpet two gaurds were killed with giant bones that came from the ground and stuck through him the man told me i had no power i did 1,000 bones he died with failure he had a big stash of money in his safety bank in his office..........
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destroy a village
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