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PostSubject: Pein   Pein Icon_minitimeWed Sep 10, 2008 8:28 am

Name: Pain Rikudo

Age: 17

Gender: male

Height: 6ft 4

Weight: slim xD

Personality: Pain has 6 different personalities known as the the six paths of pain.
Appearance: my avatar ^^
-Hair: Color, length, and style [medium sized spikey]
-Eyes: color, and any unusual characteristics [ninja headband has line through it, numerous peircings]
-Clothes: The akatsuki cloak.
-Other things: rin'negan eyes.

spend them over those four thingy's

use = 400,000

Chakra Control

STR = 100,000
SPD = 100,000
HTH = 100,000
CTR = 100,000

A picture is acceptable, but it's not an excuse to get lazy on describing things.

Level/Rank: This will be Academy Student, unless you're told otherwise.

Village: The Character's home village (Note:if a village has no kage you can't join it.)

Main/Favored Weapon: Katana ^^

Side Arms: [none]

Element: Your element of choice. You can't use elemental jutsu until you reach chuunin, unless you're taught as a genin via Roleplaying.

Fighting Type: ninjutsu

Secondary Type: genjutsu

Fighting Style: full on, no holding back.

Jutsus: rin'negan [steals peoples bodies, high lvl only]

Basic Academy Jutsus
Rank: E
Description: Clone Jutsu, Replacement Jutsu, Rope Escape Jutsu, Transformation Jutsu
Genin - Three D rank Jutsu. one C rank Jutsu
Chunin- Two C rank Jutsu one B rank Jutsu.
Anbu- Three B rank Jutsu.
Jounin- Two B rank Jutsu. One A-rank Jutsu.
Sanin One A-rank Jutsu One S-rank Jutsu.
Kage- all the rank Jutsu.

Background: At the age on 13 Pain took his first body, the body of yahiko a rival of pain..since then he has been thirsty for blood and death doing anything he can to get what he desires..
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