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 11 tailed demon wolf.

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PostSubject: 11 tailed demon wolf.   Fri Sep 19, 2008 5:43 am

History:5 years ago in a hidden country the 11 tailed wolf attacked. it killed without mercy,destroying everyone in its path. but the villagers all used their chakra to seal it up inside the body of the last survivor of the kaguya clan when he was visiting. Supreme kaguya.
Advantage:gives you an even higher amount of chakra than the 9 tailed fox and Gives you strength equal to the beast outside of a human body allowing you to create tital waves and crush mountains.
Disantvantege: You have to stop using it in 15 minutes or the strain of using it will kill you.
Demon/whetever is sealed in you INFO: a 11 tailed demon wolf is sealed in me
Appearance:3 black orbs and a bite mark in the middle. always is like this.

I can't use it until I have a darkness orb but can I still have it sealed in me like blaze was okay with maxxie uchiha doing that?
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11 tailed demon wolf.
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