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PostSubject: HUGE SPECIAL EVENT   Fri Sep 12, 2008 1:48 pm

Me And Dan Are going to have a Huge Special Event
And it is only aligitible for only academy student and Genin Class Rank Only to participate
this event

EveryDay I will be giving one Question only to all academy student and Genin Class
The one Who Answers the Correct Answer To The Question First Will Be Declared The Winner
The Prizes Are Fire Orb,Lightning Orb,Water Orb,Wind Orb,Earth Orb,Darkness Orb
Light Orb,Poison Orb,Summoning Scroll,Elemental Scroll,Money And Exp.
The Question Is Strictly to be On Naruto Based

Dan Will Randomly Give One Prizes to the Winners Only
So Stay Tune Up EveryDay More Prizes Will Come

Just PM me The Answers.........
The EVENT will Start 2 Days From Now So Get Ready

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