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 How missions work INFO

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Shadow Uchiha

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PostSubject: How missions work INFO   Wed Sep 10, 2008 2:04 pm

i give up a subject

mission:Steal a secret ninja scroll from the akutski
Potential Threat:Akutski members/Missing-nin/Animals

and we start

Shadow Uchiha says,

The squad one went out on a mission to steal a secret scroll from the akutski members that use that teqnique for their evil purposes.So the squad went out walking down the path.......

Jade Hyuuga says,

All of a sudden the sky started to turn black and rain started to pour all over the shinobi.Short after that lightning appeared and the rain started to pour harder........

Renzu Inuzuka says,

The shinobi decided to take cover in a cave that was close by so they went in and started a fire.....

LLoyd says,

The cave started to heat up and the started to hear strange noises deeper in the cave,so the shinobi quicly picked up their weapons.....

Blaze says,

Calm down it's probably an animal and this is his home let's go.

etc. etc. etc.

you can be creative and write allot each time or just a few sentences.

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How missions work INFO
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