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 Training with dad and kakuzu

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PostSubject: Training with dad and kakuzu   Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:43 pm

Deia smiles, getting in a battle position. Hidan raises his scythe. "Are you ready for the most intense training of your life?" Deia quietly nods. "Bring it on, father." Hidan smiles. "Then here I come." He flies at her, his scythe in his hands. Deia ducks, the blades barely missing her head. A lock of her hair falls to the ground. She hooks her hands around his ankles, making him trip. Kakuzu stops him from falling, catching Deia around the throat. She coughed, letting go of Hidan. Hidan stands up and picks up his scythe. "Get it now, Deia? You can't beat us."

Deia smiles, disappearing in a poof of smoke. She appears behind Hidan, blood dripping down her cheek. "Substitution. Regular ninjutsu." As Hidan spins around, she unsheaths her sword. "Art of the Silent Death." She is a blur, her sword flashing, cuts opening up all over Hidan's body. Kakukzu shoots threads out around Hidan, catching Deia and wrapping her up.

She skids across the ground and quickly stands up, slicing the threads off. She pulls her bow out and straps her quiver on. She quickly draws the string back and holds an arrow between. "Any closer and I'll shoot you." she warned. Kakuzu smiles. "You can't kill us with an arrow." he smirks. She smiles and coats the arrow with poison. "Now I can paralyze Hidan. Unless you give up." Hidan disappears and appears behind her. He hits a pressure point and knocks her down. She falls to the ground and faints. Kakuzu picks her up. "That was a nice training session, but you need more practice."
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PostSubject: Re: Training with dad and kakuzu   Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:36 am

Dude You Can't Train Yet You Have To Be Genin TO Train Here
But still your New From Here Well I Guess I Give You Some Exp then

You Gained 400EXP

Add This When You Become A Genin

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Training with dad and kakuzu
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