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 Itiwaki Clan

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PostSubject: Itiwaki Clan   Sat Aug 02, 2008 10:26 am

Clan History:
This is a clan originates from the lightning villiage.It was started by a man and a women,also a few other relatives who had a fancy of messing with minds.After a few years the people in the clan started to grow slightly and then they started using their likeness of messing with minds to create genjutsu to help them with it.They soon gave their clan the name of the Itiwaki clan

Clan Information: The people in this clan fancy using genjutsu.They like to mess with other people's minds,bringing out fears,confusing their opponent,everything like that.Nost of the clan members weren't really to social and they were pleasured by messing with people and tuanting them.As of now there are only 2 known members.Terella Itiwaki,and Tenku Itiwaki.

Clan's Role Today in relation with your character:
Terella and the rest of her clan was having a meeting one day in their clan house.Terella was but the age of 4 so she wasn't able to do anything when someone set the building on fire who hated the clan.Before she could get hurt Tenku the elder of the clan,Terella's grandfather, and the most talented one was able to save Terella knowing she was the heir to the clan and the most important to save.So now these 2 are the only known members and have no way of keeping in contact with any other members since no knowing members exept for them survived.

Clan's Secret Techniques or Bloodline traits:
Kyoofu-No-Jutsu(fear jutsu).This is one of the most favored jutsu's of the Itiwaki clan,It is a genjutsu that brings out the greatest fear in the victim and this jutsu reach in every direction of 10m,the only way to get out of this jutsu is to overcome your fear. ZeroShitsuren-no-Jutsu(Zero Loved ones),this jutsu is a very terrifying one and hard to overcome,it is similar to the Kyoofu-no-jutsu but reaches 15m instead of 10,in this genjutsu the user can either make the victim see there loved ones leave them and never want to seem them again or have them die a very painfull death right infront of their own eyes,jsut like the last jutsu this one can only be beatinby overcoming the fear.
Kyokin-no-Jutsu(Giant),this is an attacking genjutsu,anyone who is cuaght in this attck which reaches 10m in every direction,sees the user as a normal person exept there 3-4x the size o a normal human,the user will also have the strength of a person that size while using the genjutsu.This genjutsu can only be overcome if the user is taken down by the victim and will last until the user releases the jutsu or runs out of chakra.(note all genjutsu techniques are area affecting)

Clan training:
The only way to learn the clan jutsu's is to learn them fomr the clan elder Tenku.They can learn the Kyoofu and ZeroSitsuren jutsu while in the acadamy,but they cannot learn the Kyokin jutsu until they do some training as a genin.(Tenku would be an NPC)

Clan Political Structure:
The clan is run by the clan elder Tenku.

Clan Founder and Famous Shinobi form your clan:
The 2 founders of the clan's name were forgotten and sof ar the only famous shinobi fomr the clan is Tenku the elder.

(So you know my character is based from this clan so need to knwo if this clan will be allowed before I create my character)
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PostSubject: Re: Itiwaki Clan   Sun Aug 03, 2008 12:47 am

nice description your clan is now approved.
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Itiwaki Clan
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